OSMOSIS by DEBBIE PAUL GALLERY as part of VIEW Temple Bar Arts & Politics Weekend 2015

A seasonal cocktail venture for Osmosis - Crab apple, Rosehip and Scented Geranium

VIEW is a wonderful festival of arts, politics and ideas that takes place in and around Temple Bar in November every year. 


Cocktail Caravan - GOOD WOOD FESTIVAL - Co. Wicklow 

Before The Market Kitchen was born in May 2015 we set up the Cocktail Caravan for a small Good Friday festival in the wilds of Wicklow. With  Sarah at the cocktail creation helm and Liadain manically ripping reams of fabric from her stock to decorate the caravan, it was the first melting of minds and talents! Rhubarb syrup, mint, lime and nutmeg cocktails flyin out all night...