We have really enjoyed the odd catering gig we get asked to do from time to time, here is a selection of photos from some of them.  If you'd like to chat about catering for your anything (staff party, birthday, wedding!) anywhere (office, home, field!) get in touch here!


A small but special contribution to Concrete Tiki's picnic bag for the second year of IMMA's Summer Rising festival. Mixed spicy leaf, calendula, sunflower shoots and kohlrabi. 

more about Concrete Tiki by Michelle Darmody and Fiona Hallahan here!



Paddy's Birthday 

We put together a selection of canapés and sharing platters for a lovely Seapoint birthday celebration in November 2016

On sourdough toast...  Pickled fennel, ricotta and fennnel oil
Ricotta, chilli jam and goat bacon
Pumpkin (papa) ganoush and kale
Beetroot relish and smoked mackerel pate

On sharing platters... Beetroot hummus, yellow carrots, chervil
Chicken liver and Sloe gin paté
Silke's Cavanbert, crackers, jelly


Shaffrey Associates Architects CHRISTMAS DINNER

december 2016


A three course dinner in a beautiful Liffey Side attic apartment

Cocktail and Bites to start  

Clear Polish beetroot soup (borsht) with mushroom dumplings  

Slow-cooked Star Anise Oxtail with roast crispy parsnips, braised red cabbage, roast pumpkin mash, potato croquette

Hot whiskey marmalade sponge with whiskey cream

Beet chocolate pebbles to finish 





The first year students of the ARC masters programme in IADT finished off their ROSC seminar with a shared meal by ourselves. Without a kitchen nearby their meal was cold but no less tasty! 

Purple potato in sage butter + spring onions + chervil

Cabbage + carrot slaw with pickled red onions

Flower sprouts + garlic + corleggy goats cheese 

A mountain of greens + calendula with last summer's chilli oil dressing

Labneh + Beets

Beet hummus with crispy sage

Corleggy cheese plate + plum jelly

Three cornered leek and sunflower seed pesto  

Le levain rustic bread 



We thoroughly enjoyed setting up our entire market stall, minus the canopy, in thejournal.ie building five or so stories up with a wonderful view of the city!

The usual fare, seasonal toasties, soup and cake on offer to the hard-working staff as a post-general election reward.