Mill Dinners 

In October 2016 we ventured into Mullins Mill, a decommissioned corn mill on the Kings River in Kells, Co. Kilkenny to create a feast of Samhain offerings: food, music and storytelling all wrapped up in a bundle. This book is a memento of our first ever dinners. As well as featuring about seventeen recipes, our favorite illustrator and friend Isadora Epstein created some gorgeous inky illustrations and Kasia Kaminska (or Liadain's twin sister) from Read That Image Collective steered our sequencing, stitching ship. Printed on recycled paper from Klee Paper.  We did a limited run of 60 copies but get in touch here if you would like to order one! 

Check out Read That Image + Klee Paper for all the wonderful things that they do



A Toast To Toast!

There's nothing quite like a lovely crusty chewy loaf and we are really lucky to have Rossa's bread (Le Levain bakery) in Temple Bar Food Market. The basis of our market toasties and egg dishes, the perfect dipper for a warm winter soup, and a delightfully crisp carrier for canapés and snacks . A seasonal cookbook with recipes from Spring through to Winter, this book is an ode to the singular wonderful creation of sourdough bread. A toast to toast!